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We provide black mental health professionals with the proper tools to gain clients and/or patients through branding, operational logistics, and community outreach.



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As a mental health professional, Catherina Malone-Taylor, Mental Health Professional,  quickly realized there are not enough resources available for the black mental health professionals and their potential patients.  She knew the black mental health professionals needed representation amongst the black community.  Her goal was to assist the black mental health professionals with the resources and guidance needed to reach their desired clientele.  This turn of events inspired her to create, the Black Mental Health Guide (BMHG) to create marketing and business opportunities for black mental health professionals. 


BMHG advocates for mental health and wellness through conversation and creating and access for the community.


We educate 

corporations and organizations on diversity & inclusion and creating opportunities & spaces for BIPOC in professional 



We develop business strategy that focuses on increasing profitable outcomes and expanding the culture of mental health and wellness for corporations and organizations.

 Catherina Malone -Taylor, BJS, MHCS, MHP is a Mental Health Professional who dedicates her time to social work, social justice, and advocacy for black mental health in our community and motherhood. Catherina is the Founder of Black Mental Health Guide, a company that provides black mental health professionals with the proper tools to gain clients and/or patients through branding, operational logistics and community outreach. She helps professionals navigate their knowledge gaps, gain exposure, create partnerships and build out their social responsibilities in our black community. Catherina was recently featured in Chicago Defender for the work she is doing.

Catherina holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Justice and a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work with a Masters in Healthcare and Clinical Services. Catherina has worked in corporate utilization management, crisis counseling and behavioral health management which drove her to love mental health. She works with many mental health professionals, organizations with a focus on mental health awareness & wellness and crisis management, corporations, celebrity influencers, community activists and political leaders. She is also Illinois Representative for Black Girls in Social Work and Former Congressional Black Caucus Member.

Catherina was born and raised on the Northside of Chicago. Her love for culture comes from her cultural upbringing and background as a second generation Caribbean American and third generation Afro-Latina. Catherina is a proud mom of two and has a special love for traveling and scented candles.

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